Congratulations to these raffle ticket winners!

Though you may not have attended ASP trips yourself, we greatly appreciate your financial support; you have made the past 21 years possible!

In an effort to give back to our community in some way during this unusual and stressful time, St. Marcelline ASP will be doubling our raffle ticket winners for the months of March, April, May, June, and July. You can check this page or our social media for the winners each month!

May $50.00 Winners:

Winner: Jim Bryan sold by Michelle Picardi

Winner: Julie Stamper sold by Ceci Stamper

Winner: Nicole Herman sold by Becca Herman

Winner: Brendan Guy sold by Brendan Guy

Winner: Rose Hopkins sold by Roxanne Maiers

Winner: Victoria Curlucci sold by Gianna Delosreyes

Winner: Viki Linsner sold by Tom Sciortino

Winner: Georgia Bullock sold by Kathryn Bullock

April $50.00 Winners:

Winner: Matt Dawson sold by Jessica Hufford

Winner: Jim Hahn sold by Dustin Hahn

Winner: Jennifer Marsh sold by Becca Herman

Winner: Bob Davit sold by Declan O'Connor

Winner: Jackie Walker sold by Jim Pick

Winner: Karen Tepe sold by Kathy Pick

Winner: Lisa Honcharvic sold by Mike Inorio

Winner: Melissa Raitaro sold by Jack Chiostri

March $50.00 Winners:

Winner: Crispin Jones sold by Kiernan Shannon

Winner: Mike Nash sold by Delaney Nash

Winner: Maureen Raftery sold by Jack Raftery

Winner: Kathy Curinka sold by Maia Gibbs

Winner: Linda Curran sold by Joshua Palasigue

Winner: Gayle Hurley sold by Julie Hurley

Winner: Gaynor Kurzeja sold by Annie Williams

Winner: Norb Jablonski sold by Damien Cruz

June $50.00 Winners:

Winner: Ron Ford sold by Annie Williams

Winner: Kelly Guinaugh sold by Kathy Pick

Winner: Jane Stanley sold by Adam Wolf

Winner: Julie Tucker sold by Katie Kilcullen

Winner: Paul Holm sold by Brendan Guy

Winner: Becky Zimmerman sold by Maura Zimmerman

Winner: Suzanne Bessette sold by Michelle Bessette

Winner: Nancy Awdziejczyk sold by Olivia Awdziejczyk

July $50.00 Winners:

Winner:  Kathy Ahlgrim sold by Bella Borla

Winner:  Rose Kasarda sold by Ann Marie Narske

Winner:  Monica Gallagher  sold by Riley McGraw

Winner: Beth Police  sold by Lauren Police

Winner:  Michael Kindor sold by Julia Hostetler  

Winner:  Becky Zimmerman   sold by Sam Zimmerman

  Winner: Alice Driscoll  sold by Jim Pick

Winner:  Christi Swanson sold by Payton McGraw

Aiugust $100 Winners:

Winner:  Evelyn Coture sold by Jayne Bottarini

Winner:  Jenny Schmidt sold by Ddclan O'Connor

Winner: Alice Freeman sold by Joey Trybus

Winner: Cindy Pritchett  sold by Kathy Pick

Winner:  Lori Giometti sold by Jack Chiostri

Winner:  Chris Cooper  sold by Matt Zimmerman

  Winner: Trena Valentine  sold by Anella Valentine

Winner: Joey Trybus  sold by JoeyTrybus

Winner: Jerry Infantino sold by Ann Marie Narske

Winner: Lauri Salani  sold by Rachel Salani